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White Room


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Available in two versions: 

- table mount

- flush mount

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Powder-coated steel enclosure

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High power class AB amplifier

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RJ45 link

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3.5 and 6.35mm Jack




The AeroAudio HP AMP is a superb well designed studio quality headphone amplifier made for Jocks and producers that hides away and just does the job you need it for. 

The +20 year field proven design ensures your ears are safe from annoying cracking audio on touching the volume knob. With a double output for both 3.5 and 6.3mm jack’s makes the annoying ‘where did I put it’ adapters obsolete, just simply connecting all types of studio headphones. The rock solid miniature casing hides away in your desk.

Connecting it has never been so easy. The RJ45 connection is based on international standard cat5 audio pin-out that you can directly link to a node or standard adapter cable. Need more? Just link an other Amp on the RJ45 link output with standard cat cable and you’re done.  Not only audio but power is provided to the next Amp as well.


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